TOTALLY INSANE: Black Inefficiency & theft: Why did the Obamacare website cost over $2 billion? – My Comments

[When I heard the mixed race, Jew-loving, communist faggo, Obama, saying that the website had cost $1 billion … I went like… WTF?? Is this for fcking real? I've never heard of such a cost in my life, and I used to design, write, work on and support business websites in Banking. I could not believe that it was even feasible for such high costs to actually occur. I don't know how the fck you actually can reach such costs. It just boggles my mind. I just don't know how the equipment, the software, the programmers and managers and everything could actually amount to even 10% or 5% of that cost, never mind that cost. 

Trump said that the website cost $5 billion, but I see others say its an overstatement. However, I think it was Forbes who analysed it and said it cost OVER $2 billion!!! WTF???? Insane. 
I suspect the real reason for such costs was all the "back handers" and monies given to assorted bum chums, Jews, blacks, faggots and whatever anti-white pieces of shit Obama brought into this. I still say, these costs are JUST PLAIN IMPOSSIBLE. Unless of course, you're a f*cking THIEF and you're screwing everyone over. Yeah, then maybe that's acceptable.
Here in South Africa we had an almost comparable thing with a Vehicle Registration website called: NATIS. It took them almost 20 years to get it to work and it was also insane levels of costs for a mere website. But I saw black inefficiency everywhere in the corporate world, so I can see how its possible to get to this. 
But even for the USA, are you serious, the health care website cost over $100 million? Even that would be an insane figure. My mind reels at the crookery, inefficiency and assorted shit that must have been going on behind the scenes. No f*cking way could a website cost that much. Not for the computer programmers and technical stuff and even the physical servers, etc, etc. 
There had to be an insane amount of general theft going on with Obamacare. And its amazing that the mixed race, faggot, Obama, actually could announce with pride and a smile that it cost $1 billion. That is exactly the retarded kind of thinking you get in SA. The blacks and Indians measure "success" by the cost! If it costs more and requires 10x the staff, then they walk around high fiving themselves on how f*cking AWESOME they are. Meanwhile, whites would have done the same thing at 10% of the cost and it would be running perfectly. 


div>We live in a world of true insanity. These people need to be destroyed, smashed, and torn down so that the white man can get hold of the steering wheel, or else we're all going over a bloody cliff! Jan]

Obamacare Website Cost Over $2B


Updated Apr. 14, 2017 3:02PM ET / Published Sep. 24, 2014 6:54PM ET

Far exceeding estimates by the Obama administration, a Bloomberg Government analysis estimates that the Obamacare enrollment system has cost roughly $2.1 billion. The estimate provided by the administration for as well as other programs was last $834 million. The construction of the involved 60 companies and was rife with infighting. The administration differs, and a spokesman for CMS said in a statement that “The GAO, HHS’s Inspector General and the department all measured the cost of marketplace-related IT contracts for But this report measures different things, and not surprisingly, produces a different number.” He also pointed out that the Affordable Care Act has saved consumers an estimated $9 billion in health-care costs.


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