Whites: Do NOT let Jews make you hate yourself, or our Science or Technology – My Thoughts

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In an email to a supporter who gave me stuff on a "Technocracy":

Science & Technology is our best friend. This is our "voodoo". But these other mother fuckers who are stealing our knowledge and even using it against us … this is a sore point with me. We need to stop our science and technology ending up in the hands of TRAITORS and enemies. Our knowledge can make us the Gods of the earth. In my own struggles online, I have concluded that Technology is our best friend. I see it all the time. We must not let their abuse of our knowledge put us off from civilisation and science.

The above is what I wrote to my supporter. But I want to say more:

Do NOT let cities, civilisation, science, technology, etc disgust you. All these things are WHITE CREATIONS. There is nothing wrong with our creations except that the bloody Jews have managed to get control of so much and then twisted it into the demented mad thing that it has become. Civilisation is something WHITES created. Science and Technology is our "Magic". It is utterly fantastic and nobody can come close to us on this. Just because Jews and Blacks are f*cking it up, does not make it wrong. The Jews and the Blacks are the problem – NOT Civilisation. We must not want to live in huts just because of Jews and Blacks. We have the brains and ability to meet them on the Science and Technology field and to fight them for all they’re worth and to whip their asses.


Its not our civilisation or science that is the problem. THE JEW IS THE PROBLEM!

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