The West’s Greatest Sin is Betraying Ourselves


[This is from the same woman who tweeted the tweet about Vald the Impaler here. She wrote this article. I browsed it and it seemed deep and pretty good. She mentions how religion was used in the past the same way the Mass Media is used nowadays.

I did not read it all, but browsed it and it looked good. What I do agree with is the proposition “betraying ourselves”. I would add to this: “Losing confidence in ourselves”. But I think the greatest problem has been the cuckification (have I invented a new word?) of White leadership over the centuries except for some bright lights like Frederick the Great, Napoleon and Hitler.

We whites who are UNIQUE among all races for our ability to CONTROL NATURE. We, the ONLY RACE who can CONTROL NATURE and BEND IT TO OUR WILL … we have lost faith in ourselves. But that loss is faith has to do with the way that our leadership is composed of pure spineless, talent-less rubbish and assorted filth. Jan]

You can read Carolyn’s article here:

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