Video: Fred Blackburn interviews Jan on the Big 9 at 9!


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Fred says that I am one of the most BANNED people on the Internet.

Fred Blackburn has a website called: BlackBird9’s Trading Posts. He has a podcast series called: Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club. There’s a show he does in the Breakfast Club series called: The Big Nine at 9.

He also explained his technical background and things about 911 that were TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE and how this red-pilled him.

The big 9 are 9 rather mysterious questions that Fred asks! It made for some unexpected discussions!

I really enjoyed talking to Fred and I’ll be interviewing him some time. He’s a fascinating man with a really interesting background.

You can view his website here:

You can listen to some of his podcasts here:

One thought on “Video: Fred Blackburn interviews Jan on the Big 9 at 9!

  • 12th April 2018 at 4:27 am

    I just love your ‘intro’! It would be cool as a full length song. Hint, hint 🙂 Just saying how catchy and ‘energetically’ powerful it is to me. I have been seeing your links on… very cool, I hope that is a benefit to you. I try to share your work on google too. Thanks for all your hard work. Great interview. Thank you.


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