The Ukrainians seem to be National Socialists … for real…


Just a note: A few years back when there was that new Govt in the Ukraine, and when the Russians also began fighting the Ukrainians, I had some debates with my Boer Nazi pal about the Ukrainians because there seemed to be a President there, who despite the NS angle, was a Jew.

My Boer Nazi pal told me that he regards the Ukrainians as good guys and that they are real NAZIs and for real in every way.

I’m going to have to apologise to him because he is right and I was wrong.

I also came across film footage that seemed to only have come from the Ukraine where their people seemed to be hanging people in the forests. So I think I definitely need to get more info on the Ukraine. I had ignored them because of the rumours of the Jew as a President.

An additional twist is of course the CIA backing them in their war. This could be good because if the CIA is willing to back NS people then that is really great news for the white right.

So this is a topic to monitor and I will need to try and get more of my own info on this, but it seems my Boer NAZI pal was dead on the money all along.

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