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[The endless push away from heterosexual sex, towards gay sex and even pedophilia is crazy. It's really wild and really bad. Sex is normal … between men and women,,, and that's where it ends. This is from an email a friend of mine in North America got. Rest assured JEWS are at work in all of this hideous anti-natural stuff. Jan]


This Easter, Cadbury’s have chosen advertisement for Creme Eggs featuring two men sharing an intimate kiss.

The ad, which is marketed at children, features a highly sexualised and provocative image.

Sign the petition demanding that the Advertising Standards Agency takes immediate steps to remove the ad.


Dear XXX,

There is a petition taking off that I think you would be interested in signing.

For the past 50 years, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs have been a synonymous part of Easter around the world, especially where I am from in the United Kingdom.

As a little girl, I remember them being given out to all the children at church after the Easter Sunday service. We were also occasionally given them as treats or as a reward for good behaviour by our parents or school.

Cadbury’s know that they are a brand trusted by families for years and yet have chosen to betray their core customers by producing a disgusting, sexually explicit advert for one of their flagship products.

If you haven’t already seen it or read about it, then count yourself lucky, because the advert is grim!

It features two men engaged in a sexual kiss using their lips and tongue to swap the contents of a Cadbury’s creme egg.

This isn’t suitable for mainstream television and broadcast.

Sign our petition demanding that the Advertising Standards Authority takes immediate action and removes the advertisement.

I know many people will categorise objection to the advert as being ‘homophobic’. This is what Cadbury’s are seeking to capitalise upon.

The same-sex couple is a shocking image which will automatically cause many people to recoil; however, the image would still be gross and unpleasant even if it did feature a heterosexual couple.

The ‘kiss’ is sexually charged and extraordinarily provocative, and it’s likely that were the couple to be straight, then it would never have passed the censors. Cadbury’s are using the cover of LGBT rights to subject children to a sexually explicit image and cause controversy to sell their chocolate.

Exposing children to sexual acts is a form of grooming. By choosing a gay couple, Cadbury’s are deliberately indoctrinating children and de-sensitising them so that they become used to witnessing acts that ought to be restricted to consenting adults in private!

Even members of the LGBT community have spoken out about how they are being sexually objectified and commoditised by Cadburys for commercial gain.

This advert goes against the ASA’s code of conduct which prohibits sexual objectification and degrading content. Join us and demand that it is taken off the air.

Sadly, Easter has become increasingly secular over the past few years, but nonetheless, Cadbury’s are well aware of its religious significance.

Why do they choose to cause deliberate offence to members of a minority faith community during the most important festival in the Christian calendar?

It’s not only Christians and other faith communities, which Cadbury’s are betraying, John Cadbury, their founder, who was a devout follower of Jesus, would be spinning in his grave!

An Easter egg symbolises new life bursting forth from the hollow, empty tomb, not a radical sexually progressive agenda.

This is not some lighthearted innuendo but gratuitously sexual and designed to offend.

Cadbury’s need to be sent a message that no firm, no matter how beloved, is exempt from following advertising guidelines designed to protect the public.

Add your name and demand that the ASA takes firm, decisive action to remove this offensive advert.


Caroline Farrow and the entire CitizenGO Team

More information:

Cadbury’s Creme Egg Advert will feature a gay couple kissing over an egg (Daily Mail):

The Advertising Standards Agency’s rules on sexual and offensive content:

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