The Treasonous Western (especially US) Elite, Monopolies … and the Jews

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This is a quick thought. Firstly, the Jews would NEVER make any progress in any Western country without White Traitors who enable them. That’s a critical point. I do think the TRAITORS are the key to enabling Jews to get to the disgusting, hideous highs that they reach.

But I think the mechanism for this to happen is always some White weakling who is keen for power, and who has no morals or decency or is just plain stupid or greedy and stupid or he’s just a traitor to his own nation. He is in need of "funding" and the Jews supply the "funding". Thus these traitors, backed by Jews, end up becoming the Elite.

In the Half-Jewish island of Britain, examples like this are Churchill or Oliver Cromwell.

But it is this marriage of MONEY from Jews – dirty money from Jews, combined with Political/Military power by some White weakling … that’s the key to how this whole thing functions.

The Jews and the Elite embed themselves … literally, climb into bed with each other … and that’s how this "partnership" runs.

The Jews open the money taps from their banking scams and from real money that they earned or stole elsewhere.

One thing which really is not dealt with enough in the Western world is the issue of MONOPOLIES and the ownership and control of large chunks of the economy by oligopolies and monopolies.

This is very true here in South Africa. All of South African industries are oligopolies. It’s close to a monopoly, but not quite yet.

70% of the South African economy was OWNED by the Jewish Oppenheimer family. They literally OWNED South African industry.

Again, this is the type of stuff that needs to be stopped.

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