Jews & American Courts: Remember O. J. Simpson miscarriage of Justice? – Does Kyle Rittenhouse stand a chance?

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I am somewhat on edge regarding poor Kyle Rittenhouse. The simple fact is that people were trying to attack him viciously, very likely with the intent to kill him. The nasty Jew Rosenbaum, whom Kyle later killed in self defense was aggressively going after Kyle. You can see it clearly in the film footage. That was a rare instance of a fit, strong Jew, and he also had a criminal record – a nasty one, which the Jews have since removed as they begin the Jewish process of white washing things just as they did with the Jew Lew Frank who murdered that little southern girl a century ago.

While Kyle killed 2 in self defense and injured a third man who was pulling a gun on him, I am very concerned that one of those killed WAS A JEW. The Jews will have noticed that intensely and they will be back for REVENGE. I think Kyle might have stood a better chance, if he had not killed a Jew. But having killed a Jew (without even realising it or being aware of it), the Jews will have it in for him … for blood revenge.

There is no question – absolutely none – that Kyle was an amazing, vibrant, young White American who was doing his thing for his community and standing his ground and also helping people medically. Kyle is an incredibly fine, upstanding young White American male that all White Americans should be proud of. This is how every young White boy SHOULD BE. Be like Kyle. Be brave, go out there, take an interest in things, take part in things, go into danger and be unafraid. Arm yourself and face danger. Help people in trouble. Be on the side of the law and good.

But now, thanks to Jews and Liberals and Communists … Kyle is now on trial for defending himself.

It is very clear from the film footage that he was running away from people attacking him – even multiple people attacking him. You can’t call someone WHO IS RUNNING AWAY … and aggressive murderer. He fell, and they were all around him. None of this is AGGRESSION.

I used to believe that the American legal system is good, and the first time I had a chance, due to evolving technology, to see an American trial live, was in the mid 1990s with the O.J. Simpson case where the famous Black football player killed his wife and another man.

I followed the case with EXTREME INTEREST at the time. I read and watched everything I could about it. Then it was broadcast live on South African TV at night and I recorded much of the trial and watched it in detail for hours and hours on end.

I was firmly convinced OJ was as guilty as sin, and the facts were very clear. I was looking forward to seeing justice. He has sliced up 2 White people, and I wanted to see JUSTICE for Whites, even after their deaths.

I was UTTERLY HORRIFIED by the outcome. I could not believe that the jury could do something so stupid. The outcome HORRIFIED ME. I had never thought America was that screwed up.

What I did not realise was that some of those attorneys were JEWS.

The entire OJ Simpson matter shocked me intensely. I could not believe this could happen in the USA.

So I am somewhat rattled by what can come from the legal system … even in America.

It bothers me that Kyle shot that Jew who was viciously coming after him.

It bothers me that the Jews might find some way to rig that trial.

I don’t know how it could be done. But I have seen there are already arguments about what evidence is acceptable.

I just wonder, in a creepy way, whether Kyle, who is a genuine, upstanding, wonderful young White boy, could find himself in jail.

Everything that happens, happens against Whites … especially White males and especially against those who show some kind of manliness and courage.


I hope I’m wrong.

But if injustice is done to Kyle, it might also help to kick off yet another round of White horror in America … like the rigged election did. So if they rig it, it could backfire on them in the long run.

We need to watch this.

I hope I’m wrong.

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