The Oath Keepers are Chicoms who will never save America


[This is from one of my readers Lorenz Kraus. Jan]

Lorenz Kraus wrote:

The Oathkeepers and their Chicoms. They will not save America. They are phonies. Elmer Stewart Rhodes. Yale.

They are the true military dickheads who get their rocks off all things military. Their suggestions do not solve the problem. They don’t define what a domestic enemy is or who they are. These dickheads should specify what the militia is. Most of these veterans are not part of the militia anymore. The militia is all able-bodied males from 17-45. You can see these aren’t serious people, but fanboys looking for a job from god-emperor Trump to put some shine in their lives. Going to DEFCON this or that is sure to escalate the situation.

The public does not need a call from domestic enemy Trump to arrest and execute internal enemies, of which he is one. Trump publicly admitted that he had information relating to the true identity of the demolition of the Twin Towers and has sat on it for four years. That’s the action of a domestic enemy. Hillary Clinton is a do mestic enemy based on her vote for Biden-Harris. Why isn’t Hillary in chains? Again, Trump is a co-conspirator taking the dive, just like Romney and McCain before him.

The Fraud Keepers are frauds. Did they overthrow illegal president Obama? Nope. Can they specify what a domestic enemy is? Nope. Based on their past, these are supreme Jew-lovers running around with guns looking for "nazis."

The oath keepers are scum of the earth. They are dying for martial law, which means they are part of the ruling scum. We don’t need martial law to root out domestic enemies.

The public has the Tenth Amendment. We have the "powers" to create, alter, or abolish government, which includes the powers to arrest those hijacking the government.

When have the oathkeepers done anything, except talk a big talk?

These Chicom-mongers are frauds who are protecting British subversion of America by calling it Chicom, which tells you they are domestic enemies covering up the elec tion fraud!

China doesn’t rule the world. Look at the map of British commonwealth countries and the United States and its possessions and conquests.

  1. George Soros came from Fabian Society-founded London School of Economics.

  2. The Queen’s privy councilor Lord Malloch Brown sits on the board of his Open Society. He also sits on the affiliate of DOMINION election software, smartmatic. This is a direct link between British government and the subversion of our election. Can the chi-com mongers specify the Chinese direct link?

  3. Kamala Harris is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the British Commonwealth via her Indian mother and Jamaican father. As was Obama as a Kenyan.

  4. Joe Biden wants an administration of Mayor Petes meaning Rhodes Scholars meaning British subversives running the government.

  5. Joe Biden appointed Rhodes Scholars (RS) to his staff. RS Bruce Reed served as his chief of staff as Obama’s VP. He appointed (((RS Richard Stengel)) and RS J ake Sullivan and RS Petus the Fetus.

The fudgepackers, I mean the Oathkeepers will not say it’s the Jews or it’s the British. Chicoms is the last stand for pointless patriotism.

If you can’t properly identify the problem, you are leading people over a cliff. If someone is leading you over a cliff avoid them like the plague.

Most of these fraud conservatives, patriots, and libertarians bark about boogie-man Klaus Schwab. If any of these gun nuts shot Klaus Schwab, would the problem go away? Nope. Do any of these people have the balls to kill Klaus Schwab? Nope. They are not effective intellectually or practically.

Look at this promotional picture of who the World Economic Forum promotes? Mayor Petus the Fetus is a British agent qua Rhodes Scholar. Tootsi Gabbard is CFR. That’s two agents of the Rhodes Mafia. Then you have Son of Soros and Son of Rothschilds, both working for the Queen as a Knight and a servant of the Privy Council. Then you have that patc h-face shill for the military industrial complex Crenshaw who serves Genocidal British Politics. All this means is that if these are agents of the British, so is Klaus Schwab, but the weenie-cons can’t say that because they are Anglo-philes. They have to say Chi-coms. They can’t even say Jew Soros or Jew Rothschilds, which would be closer to the truth.

The British empire is the fixed frame of our troubles. Anglophilia is the self-induced blindness to the elephant in the room. Jews work for the British empire through their support of British-invented Zionism…because the British think of themselves as the REAL Jews.

Let’s define a domestic enemy as one who works to subvert constitutional government, by say, usurping the regime for an illegal president. Kamala Harris is not eligible to be vice-president because she is a natural born citizen of the British Commonwealth. Thus, she is committing election fraud, presenting herself as a legal candidate and taking office kno wing she is an illegal candidate. Joe Biden knows the same. Both are committing election fraud. Both are domestic enemies on that count. So are all of the electors of Biden-Harris and the Rhodes Scholars. You don’t need the military to arrest 270+ electors, do you?

The public could do that under the Tenth Amendment, if they had the guts to read their precious Constitution.

Oathkeepers would decry that because it is action by the people themselves, rather than top down military command and control. That’s a huge flaw in their methods.

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