The News is getting crazier BY THE DAY… We’re heading into interesting, nutty, crazy times!

I must tell you, when I read the news and look at stuff daily to post on my websites, I almost can’t believe my eyes. I see things I never imagined I would ever see! I burst out laughing at crazier and nuttier and more insane headlines.

Not only is crazy shit going down but the SCALE of it is planet-wide. It’s getting more bizarre and weird.

I think Whites will eventually just lose their shit and do many cool and wild things.

I’m watching with bated breath as they try to work to toss Trump in jail.

But everything is in such turmoil.

This is good. The Chaos is here. It’s not as bad as we NEED IT TO BE, but it’s moving fast.

Whites will lose their shit. It’s excellent.

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