Trump is very perky: Our vindication is coming

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Selfmoordvoorkoming Suid-Afrika
Daar is ‘n SELFMOORD EPIDEMIE onder Blankes in SA. Daar is ‘n BAIE* Blankes, veral mans, insluitend jong mans, wat vir hulleself geen hoop in SA sien nie. Hierdie mense doen uitstekende werk om die lewens van Blankes, veral jong Blankes, te red en hulle hoop te gee.

[This is what Trump put out 2 days ago. Jan]


November 5, 2024 will no longer just be an Election Day.

It will be our Vindication Day.

When we win, it will be a vindication for our movement – but also a vindication for America.

We will prove that America still is a nation of, for, and by the people. We will prove that no matter how much the Deep State tries to manipulate and interfere in our elections, voters like YOU still get to decide our nation’s future.

Our Founding Fathers called America “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

And on November 5, 2024, WE WILL KEEP IT!

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Institute for Historical Review
This is a pretty decent website that deals with various historical lies and crimes of the Jewish scum. It deals with the time Israel murdered Americans on the USS Liberty and also deals with the holocaust and various other Jewish deceptions and lies.

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