The JEWISH COVID-HOAX: How a man’s mother died: : Warning – if you have a loved one in a medical detention facility.

[Sad. All this Jewish nonsense is going to kill more people than would have died if this had been left alone.  Jan]

Just got this note from a long time friend in Mississippi:

My mother went to the ER Room in Oct 2019 for a mile stroke, high blood pressure, … later urinary tract issues … later gall bladder issues. There was a restraining order which prevented friends and family from making visits. She made a recovery and asked if she could go home. Her request was denied. Sometime later, she was committed to a Nursing Home. Starting in March 2020 The COVID HOAXaCaust began. Mandatory Tests and Vaccines no doubt. 2 months later she Tested Positive for COVID but was asymptomatic (No Symptoms) (FALSE-POSITIVE). Thanks to Medical Detention Facility Edicts; she was alone with strangers for almost 9 months. Was notified Friday 7/10 that she has passed away … alone in the Medical Detention Facility. Beware of the sequence of events if you or someone you care about goes into a medical detention facility.


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