The Jew who stopped White Scientists from finding Cancer cures in the USA

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[A Reader on my website left this comment about Rife. I've seen some of what Rife did and I find it fascinating. It looks as if the man really was moving into new areas with his super microscope. I cannot confirm all details about him, but there are a number of things which look like he was on to something. 

Anyhow, here is a Jewish piece of scum who interfered with Rife and others. 
I generally believe these days that for us to be healthy is not that difficult. I don't trust Big Pharma at all. I think we are being screwed in many ways. Jan]

The reader wrote:

In the early to mid 1900s, there was a Jew in America named Morris Fishbein. This Jew went like a rabid dog after scientists like Royal Raymond Rife, Harry Hoxsey, and others, in an effort to stifle all attempts at curing cancer. He ruined their careers, destroyed their equipment, and burned their research. The sad thing is that there are multiple ways to cure cancer, and by now cancer would be utterly a thing of the past if this Jew hadn’t gone and destroyed these men and their work. Here’s a decent video documenting what Fishbein did to Rife: … Much the same happened to Harry Hoxsey. Rife developed an amazing microscope (more powerful and versatile than any microscopes we currently have) which could see cells and germs WITHOUT killing them. He could even observe viruses this way. This microscope was crucial to the method he developed for curing cancer, which essentially worked by targeting the germ’s resonant frequency and then using that frequency to kill the harmful cell ONLY; leaving all other non-harmful cells intact. This technology hasn’t even been reproduced today AT ALL; not his microscope, not any of it. Scientists are only just now rediscovering this idea of using a microscope which won’t kill cells, but their attempts so far have been VERY inferior to what Rife developed back in the 1930s. In Encyclopedia Judaica, vol. 6, p. 1328, they say: “Fishbein was considered the official mouthpiece of U.S. medicine.” A mouthpiece for whom? Who decided that? Certainly not the American people. This single Jew alone is responsible for the deaths of untold millions who have suffered and died from cancer. He has perhaps exceeded the death toll of communism, which is at least 100 million. I’m not sure how many people have died from cancer within the past century, but I believe it has been at least that many. This is what genocide looks like. … On another note, I have seen people having really good results from ketogenic diets. They can cure 90% of cancers; the only ones which a keto diet can’t cure are cancers which obtain their fuel source from something other than sugar. About 10% of cancers can survive on fuel other than sugar. The ketogenic diet has become popular recently, but has been around quite a bit longer. One man who had terminal brain cancer (from Britain, I believe) was able to actually make a complete recovery by going on a ketogenic diet. The tumor went away and he’s still alive, last I heard. There are so many ways to cure cancer, but our current diets being fed to us by {{{the powers that be}}} are so excessive in sugar and carbohydrates that it’s killing us and cancer rates are higher than ever before. Heart disease and cancer are the biggest killers in America, probably in many other countries too. They are feeding us cancer, then charging us exorbitant prices for chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which can often kill the patient or will kill them years down the road. But hey, healthy patients aren’t profitable for Big Pharma. It’s a pretty sweet deal for them. Sarcasm aside, this stuff infuriates me. They are murdering untold millions of our people through some of the most insidious methods of warfare ever developed and the worst part is that we, the victims, are mostly ignorant that this is being done to us BY DESIGN.

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