The Jew Adam Green is lying about Hitler: Down-vote his stupid video: Adolf Hitler the Jewish Anti Christ

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[I've not watched this, but one of my readers mentioned this. I don't spend my time watching crap, but I agree with the reader. Just downvote this piece of shit. Hitler was NOT Jewish, nor was he working for the Jews. Hitler presents Jews with a totally unique problem that dumbfounds them to this day. They have tried every conceivable lie and angle to lie about Hitler, but it's virtually impossible to do because his mind was clear and his actions were so incorruptible. So when the Jewish bags of dung run out of ideas, then they try the: Hitler was a Jew line in the hope that it will work. Jan]

Here’s what the reader, a lady, wrote:
The latest video by Adam Green. I only went to this video to downvote it. He tells vile lies about Adolph Hitler. Everything about Adam Green points to him being a jew. He seems so likeable and earnest when you first come across him. He acts so "hurt" by accusations of him being controlled opposition.

You can watch his retarded Jewish propaganda at this link or just downvote the piece of garbage:

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