IMPORTANT WARNING: Are (((THEY))) trying to take down Brighteon Video platform?


[Brighteon is nowhere near as big as Bitchute, but these DDOS attacks seem to indicate that, just as HistoryReviewed experienced, malware attacks and outright hacking earlier this year, that Brighteon is under attack. We know the JEWS are busy trying to destroy Bitchute. So is Brighteon the next target? This is bad. They're trying to shut down literally everyone. NO FREE SPEECH FOR THE GOYIM!!! Jan]

As you are probably aware, Brighteon experienced significant outages over the last two days due to DDoS attacks. You may also recall that YouTube went down yesterday due to unexplained problems, and some people suspect there are core internet infrastructure components which are either failing or being taken over.

I want you to know that we have restored Brighteon service (as of last night) and we have added additional layers of anti-DDoS protection as well as server hardening strategies to help keep Brighteon online.

What’s really happening right now is that Brighteon is emerging as one of the few remaining places where truthful videos about the 2020 election in the USA can be posted and viewed. Some of those videos are getting widely shared and viewed. The powers that be — the Big Tech consortium of corrupt criminals and treasonous actors who hate America — don’t want anyone to be able to view those videos.

So we are being attacked with a variety of well-funded, weaponized systems. Both covid and censorship are the weapons of the globalists, and they are not afraid to release whatever weapons they think are needed to crush human freedom and enslave the world under complete tyranny.

Nevertheless, we have so far thwarted their attempts to take us offline, and we continue to host your free speech videos for liberty and human freedom.

Please continue to post, share and embed the videos. We have big news coming soon about our infrastructure enhancements and new features such as the token donation system. We’re pouring more resources into the Brighteon platform and working diligently to keep it functioning during this desperate time for the future of the free world.

Also note that we have launched Brighteon.Social, the social media platform alternative to Twitter and Facebook. So far, Brighteon.Social has nearly 20,000 users and it is a fantastic platform to follow breaking news from all across the web. Join there now and start posting your content. You can also paste in your video URLs into Brighteon.Social posts.

For help on how to get started there, read Help.Brighteon.Social

Thank you for your support and understanding. We are fighting for human freedom, and we have zero outside funding and are blacklisted everywhere. It is a difficult fight, but with your help, we will continue to grow and expand the reach of all the videos on our platform.

Thank you,

  • Mike Adams, Founder,
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