The Great Hero: David Irving is extremely ill…

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2008 Report: Russian Generals Analysis of a Future (Terrible) South African Civil War
This is an article an awesome American supporter, JoAn Wilcox found on a Russian website in 2008 and she translated it into English. This was a Russian General‘s assessment of SA. He was not impressed with the Blacks.

[David Irving has done incredible work in his life. But it seems that he may be heading to Valhalla some time. Irving has done so much for our race it's almost unbelievable what that man managed to do. This is a note that his family sent. Jan]

Last October, after arriving in Florida, David Irving fell ill and has
been in declining health ever since. He is now back at his home in the
UK and requires round-the-clock care, a demand we’ve had to arrange
privately due to constraints with the National Health Service. He was
hospitalised for nearly two months, enduring the kind of challenges we
never anticipated he would face.

It is with sadness that we must accept that David is now unable to
engage in his life’s work. His unwavering dedication to unveiling Real
History has not only defined his career but also enriched the minds of
readers worldwide. David’s situation, however, has placed us at a
crossroads where the path forward demands collective support.

This is an appeal to safeguard the essence of a man whose life’s work
has been to bring us closer to the nuanced truths of our past. Your
donations will be pivotal in two primary areas:

Medical Care and Support: Your contributions will ensure that David
receives exemplary care to manage his condition and uphold the highest
quality of life.

Preservation and Continuation of His Work: Financial support is also
imperative to safeguard David’s extensive body of work.

To participate in this crucial effort, please [1] donate. [2] Here,
you’ll find all the necessary information to make your contribution.

Regardless of size, every contribution is a step towards sustaining
David’s impact on historical literature. Your support and solidarity in
this challenging time are invaluable. We will keep you informed of his
health and well-being as he faces this stage of his life with dignity.
He is in good hands.

Warm regards,

David Irving’s family

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S.Africa: Hideous: 5 children murdered for Witchcraft
Blacks in Africa believe in Witchcraft like crazy. Even Black Christians regard Witchcraft as more powerful than the Bible. Murders of Blacks for body parts for Witchcraft goes on in Africa all the time. Here‘s a story from SA.

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