The Garbage Messiah (Jew?) Jordan Peterson trying to fool White Canadians re: Trudeau

I see so many videos, especially on JewTube where Jordan Peterson of Canada is busy plying his trade. I tell you, I am totally convinced that Jordan Peterson must be JEWISH. I know there is no outright proof that he is Jewish. But he behaves so much like a Jew. I also refuse to publish videos about him on my website unless they serve a particular purpose where I will show people that he is busy talking his shit.

I am convinced that Peterson is trying to get into politics and that he sees himself as a future Prime Minister of Canada – or that’s what he is aiming for.

He’s no leader. He’s also a TOTAL hypocrite. Peterson is a COMMUNIST. His house is filled with Soviet Communist stuff. But the hypocrite is now running around knifing his fellow Communist Trudeau in his back. So Peterson is running around, like the clown that he is, attacking Trudeau!

One communist denouncing another communist… and BOTH have STRONG JEWISH LINKS!

We will still discuss Trudeau’s Jewish links in more detail.

Peterson … he’s a piece of crap that is not to be trusted I tell you.

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