Why do Whites always end up letting Jews back into a country despite expelling them for centuries?


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1:16 p.m., Sunday Nov. 22

raymond daubney: wrote:

While I am interested in who and why, they were thrown out of all those country’s, I am more concerned with who and what it was who continually let them back in.

3:22 p.m., Sunday Nov. 22

Chris Calo wrote:

Very good point

[My own suspicion is that the Jews come back and they negotiate a new deal. There is a problem that whites have, and I suspect the problem is economic. My suspicion is that Jews have such a control over international trade that despite them being thrown out of countries, that on the whole they manage to retain money and power and that expulsion alone does not break their power. This method of surviving expulsion thus allows them to retain financial power and influence despite expulsion. They also can, and then do, use that power against the whites who expelled them. They make wars and stir hatreds against those who expelled them. With time, and also with the fading of memories, they eventually find some weak leader or wannabe leader to fund and that's how they get in. Cromwell, in England is a brilliant example. The Jews funded him and later even had him behead the real king of England. And that is how they got back into England. For the Jews, expulsion is not a serious enough punishment to actually break their power and thus they survive. That is why they continue surviving ad infinitum and why nobody can stop them. They flee to a country where some idiot ruler has fallen for them, and he protects them physically. From there they operate and start the same nonsense all over again. This has repeated itself hundreds of times. A Boer friend of mine whose studied this history of Europe in detail has also told me that in the end, the whites, regardless of where they are, let the Jews back in. My suspicion is that ultimately those financial/trade/banking links are what these whites find themselves needing and in the end they turn to the Jews because there is no other mechanism to get it. Then the Jews play one European nation against another. But the hold they have in the end is money, trade, banking … and all whites struggle with this. (But it's not a uniquely white problem as all other nations and races suffer from the same problem). The question should then turn to this: How can this cycle be broken? I think this cycle can be broken if enough people on the planet realise this game. Jan]

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