The DUMB ASS YEAR OF 2020: Who survived COVID?

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2002: 60 of Blacks said life under Apartheid was better
This is a story from Britain on my African Crisis Archive. Of course life was better under Apartheid, but nobody wants to admit that White rule was better. In 2023, Blacks are still realising this truth, but few dare say it.

Earlier this year, one of my younger friends in SA was freaked out by COVID. He had read some science stuff and told me: Covid will kill all of us. I said to him: Chill. Don’t worry. Let’s see what happens.

Anyway, he later calmed down and realised months afterwards I was right.

So looking back on this dumb ass Jewish year of COVID, I asked myself: Who survived COVID?

Answer: EVERYONE!!!!

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S.Africa: 3 Blacks die after raping a crocodile on the instructions of a WitchDoctor!
I found this story doing the rounds on the social media among whites. I dug into it. The original source for this is used to be one of the best and most reliable Zimbabwe news websites for years.

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