Good News: Jews are fleeing to Israel from Europe & other White Countries in greater numbers – My Comments

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I did a quick look into how many of the Jews are fleeing into Israel. A good note is that in the last ten years, from 2011 to 2020, there has been an increase in the number of Jews going to their dung hole, Israel.

In the 1990s the big move into Israel, the most massive move in decades was the 1 million Jews who left their old haunt the Jewish Soviet Union after it collapsed.

I see that in the 2002-2010 figures 181,000 Jews moved to Israel from across the world, but in the last decade ending in 2020, that number is up to 236,000.

Among the other good news is that in the last decade 45,000 Jews left the Ukraine! EXCELLENT STUFF!

Even in the Trillionaire Jewish Rothschild Republic of Britain, Jewish emmigration to the Middle Eastern Israeli dung hole is up a bit. 6,300 of them went there, which is up on previous decades.

The Western European country where the most Jews left is France, 38,000 in the last decade! How cool is that?

Even 32,000 Jews have left the USA in the last decade. It’s not much, given the total size of the infestation in the USA, but it’s great.

Only a tiny portion of the Jews going to Israel come from Africa. In total they took in 20,000 from Africa, no doubt mostly black and only 2,500 of them from South Africa ("white"). The South African Jews enjoy life far too much in the west for them to move to Israel. They had it so good here, the filthy, anti-white, backstabbing scum. I will however, tell you later about the tens of thousands of "white" Jews from South Africa who have been making a run for it in the last 20 years. Their population has taken a serious nose dive here.

At their highest, highest peak, maybe 1970s or 1980s, they were 180,000 here. They’re now down to 52,300 and they are still leaving.

I find it very pleasing to see that in white dominated countries, from Russia and the Ukraine, but especially to Europe, the Jews are leaving at a faster pace in the last decade than in the decade before.

This trend needs to continue, and hopefully, to increase.

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