The COVID Pandemic is actually OVER … FADING away…


I was watching a video where a Dr Cole was talking, and I will be preparing a video around it because it contains some EXCELLENT information for people on health. Dr Cole showed a chart and he said that the COVID pandemic is actually over and is fading away and … THAT IT’S NORMAL … that it’s behaviour is the same as SARS and other similar pandemics before! In other words, NOTHING THAT WAS DONE WITH ALL THIS LOCKDOWN AND ALL THIS ASSORTED MASK BS, ETC changed ANYTHING! This was just NATURE doing what Nature does and it’s winding down!!!!

But I saw some other doctor saying the CDC statistics and other world statistics are showing the pandemic getting worse!!!!

I am extremely impressed with Dr Cole and many things he says and will revisit that because he explains all the issues in a raw format that can help people. He also says that the Scandanavian countries all take the health of their people seriously and they monitor things like Vitamin D levels, etc.

So the good news is that the stupid COVID crap is over and what humans did amounted to nothing. Nature was doing, and humans were reacting as nature does.

It seems, from the other video that the side effects of the vaccine in the USA amount to 1 in 13,000.

This whole pandemic … what a load of crap.

HOWEVER, certain portions of Dr Cole’s presentations are exceptionally interesting and he shows statistics the likes of which I’ve never seen before. His statistics are much in line with some things I had been thinking about health. He actually showed some really fascinating statistics that I’ve NEVER seen anyone present before.

So I’ll have that in a video.

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