The American FIGHT BACK BEGINS: New Trump and American organisations kicking off!


As I had hoped, we definitely have something happening, that is like Ross Perot, when they kicked off the Tea Party. The Tea Party was a reaction to the rise of the mixed race, Jewish supported, Marxist, drug-taking, illegal President Obama. Obama was the first and original illegal president due to him not being born in the USA. Trump also was a "birther" at one time.

But now with the stolen-election illegal President, Biden, it seems as if American push back and fight back is beginning with ernst.

I’ve been coming across info that a few Trump and pro-Constitutional American organisations have been started in recent weeks. Trump has endorsed some of them, and they’ve already at work.

So it looks as if a big pushback against the Democrats is coming.

The one critical item we need to watch is this fake move to have White Americans declared as Domestic Terrorists. Notice how it is ONLY White Nationalists who will be TERRORISTS … and never ANTIFA and never BLM! That is because, if you KILL for Jewish Globalism … YAY … YOU ARE GOOD! But if you want to fight for the US Constitution …. THAT’S BLOODY WRONG!!!!

It does seem to me that we’re going to have a lot more activity than even 911. Remember the computer data experts who have studied the election data are also busy! So there will be an ELECTION TRUTHER MOVEMENT TOO.

So there is pro-Trump stuff, but also PRO-CONSTITUTION STUFF… which is critical.

The bottom line is that the crook can sign as many executive orders as he wants, and he may need military protection all the time … BUT THE GAME IS ON!!!

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