Star Trek: Jews in Interstellar space with Blacks – Art as a method of destroying White Western Civilisation


As a kid, we in Rhodesia and later South Africa watched many many Hollywood movies and series. And I was a big fan of Star Trek like so many people.

I was just looking today, at a science article and video entitled: Watch William Shatner gaze at Earth from space in awe during Blue Origin’s launch (video)

Well, it was only a few years ago that I realised that Mr Spock, in Star Trek was a Jew … and not only a Jew, but a Jew who delighted in his little special "Jew signals" that he made with his hands on Star Trek. I must tell you, that switched off Mr Spock for me.

It was only in recent months that I discovered even more to my horror that Captain Kirk, commander of the spaceship Enterprise is a Canadian Jew! Yes, William Shatner is one of them.

But if you look around the starship enterprise you see all these Blacks, etc – and if you know what those names mean, you’ll think again.

Take for example the Black woman Nyota Uhura.

But Uhura is almost the same as the term "Uhuru" which pops up a lot in Africa. What does Uhuru mean? Definition: "Uhuru" means "freedom" in Swahili.

Uhuru was a cry across Africa that Blacks used to mean that they were seeking freedom from White rule.

So, knowing that the Jew Alien Spock, was sending secret messages in Star Trek, I ask myself whether naming one of the Black women Uhura isn’t meant as a secret message itself? If they had named her Uhuru it would be too obvious and everyone would notice … so in a Jewish tweak one letter difference might be all that is needed.

Of course the people who actually made space travel possible in the first place weren’t Jews and weren’t Blacks – THEY WERE GERMANS … NAZIS in fact. Hitler is the originator of space travel in reality, and the V2 was the first human made vehicle to actually enter space.

I must tell you, the multiracial, multicultural view of life on Star Trek, didn’t bother me much at the time but these days I look at ART, and WESTERN ART in ALL ITS FORMS and I ask myself how much the Jews were busy conditioning and brainwashing the entire Western world with their Jewish garbage ideas … laying the foundations for the decline and destruction of the Western World.

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