Supporter feedback: BITCOIN IS SO EASY! LOVES Bitcoin as payment mechanism – From an email to me…


[Here is an excerpt from a loyal supporter who was prodded by me to use Bitcoin. This is how he describes his experience. I have had to remove a few things because I don't want Jews to cause more trouble for whites. But this will give you a sense of how well Bitcoin is working. Notice how Jews are shutting down EVERYONE, even the most tame groups. Jan]

He wrote:
It was surprisingly easy. Once you have a Bitcoin account, you call up the first page and there is a receive button (green) and send button (red), both in the right hand corner of the page. Using the red button, a window pops up requesting how much money you want to send and the address, which you gave me. Being the first time transacting from my account, Bitcoin requested that I submit, via smartphone, pictures of my ID. I used my driver’s license. Once I had done this, I received approval and the transaction was completed. There is also an excellent help icon that gives easy to understand (for an average white guy) step-by-step instructions. The whole process took less than 20 minutes. Subsequent transactions will be easier than using a credit card, especially for foreign transactions.

It’s good that you motivated me to do this. I had been meaning to use Bitcoin to make donations as it is the most secretive way (other than handing someone cash) to support someone the government or prevailing powers deems dangerous. In the US, there are now groups that promote white nationalism (even without violence) that have had their access to credit cards, Paypal and other funding platforms cut. I have sent donations to some groups … SNIP … where I realize the government or the banks are probably keeping some sort of database of supporters of these groups.

Your work is important. I have learned from you and others that my whiteness, my genetic legacy is the strongest bond I can have with another human being. I am a scientist and have dug deep into IQ, genes and evolutionary biology. Whites have evolved together and survived the great ice ages of Europe. The strongest of us (both mind and body) have been selected out over tens of thousands of years. Even the traits that we find most virtuous, like loyalty, hard work and intelligence are often unique to us in their combination and intensity.

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