Video: F*ck Trudeau in Britain … along with Jewish Banker suck up Boris… Jew controlled assholes


[Boris, the idiotic clown who runs Britain, met with the soy boy communist anti-White bag of crap Trudeau. Two worthless wastes of White skin to be honest with you. Such a bunch of prime wankers. Trudeau is owned by Jews and he's even given a talk in a synagogue. As for Boris, he has BOASTED that he is the prime person who advocates for BANKS! Jewish Banks? Rothschild Banks? So both of them are weak, pathetic examples of White males … cucked White males. Anti-White bags of crap. Anyhow, it is delightful to see people all the way across the ocean shouting F*CK TRUDEAU!!! Hahaha. Excellent. The bag of anti-White shit that he is. Jan]

Here it is:

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