Suidlanders: The Financial Problems of its leader Gustav Muller

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[This is from a major Afrikaans newspaper in South Africa, the Rapport in 2010. In this article they give names and exact amounts of monies. This would be stuff that could be investigated to see if it is true. I find it hard to believe that this article would be a hoax of some kind. It gives too many exact details, and people one could chase up. The Suidlanders claim all these articles are hoaxes and attempts to smear them. This type of stuff could be investigated and people even hauled into a court to testify if this were needed. This comes from the report compiled by the Americans Iceblock & Goy Rogers. But I’ve seen this before and I regard this as probably the best expose of the Suidlanders ever undertaken. This was in 2010, just over 3 years after the Suidlanders began their campaign aimed at scaring whites, especially Boers. Jan]


Suidlanders Research 2
Credits: The research and commentary was done by Iceblock and Goy Rogers.

Gustav Muller: Suidlanders Business
Why is the non-profit organization Suidlander organization not registered to group leader
Gustav Miller? Is it due to his past financial difficulties. Muller has a history of debt
judgements and unsavory business deals.

Rapport article from 26 June 2010:


Mr. Gustav Müller abuses the South Africans to make money.

That’s what Mr. Barend Botes, well-known horse coach of the Vaal Triangle. Botes says he
was “to his utmost regret” once a good friend of the farmer Müller.

Müller owes R160 000 to bot. However, he has disappeared without ever paying a cent of it.
Botes says he was at a Southlanders rally in Vereeniging last week, warning people that
Müller can not be trusted.

Müller has acknowledged that he borrowed the money from Botes and did not pay back.
“We were very good friends and he helped me when I was in need,” Müller said. “I will never
forget it. I would like to fix him. “

However, many creditors are looking for Müller. His credit record shows that he has received
three court rulings over the past three years, involving a total of R650 896.

A further R97 158’s bad debt was written off against his name.

“You believe the guys who are bad about me,” Müller said. “I went with my lorries. I’m the
world leader. I could not pay. “

Müller boasts the Suidlanders website that he built “a sufficient record at the bank in 2001” to
buy three trucks. He eventually acquired nine trucks, which transported freight as far as the

But Botes says, “He never worked. He drove a bottle of whiskey in his car all day long.
“He and Danie Odendaal were together every day and sat and made legal plans. Then he got
into trouble and started lending us all the money.

“The only reason why Gustav Suidlanders was founded is because he is bankrupt and has
nothing else to do,” says Botes. “Now he sells DVDs and requests for donations. It’s just to
stay alive. “

Müller cut back: “I’m available, I’m not running away. If I learned one thing, I’m not asking
for donations again. “

But on the Southlanders website Müller asks for donations. The organization, which is
registered as a non-profit company, requests contributions for more inspections of places of
security, radio communications and advertisements.

“A full audit report will be made available annually by an independent accountant … so that
everybody can see that we have only one goal and that is to serve our Creator and people!”
The website says.

Müller says on the Suidlanders website that in 2006/ ’07 he felt more urgently called to warn
the people against the dangers and the apostasy of God. ” He returned his lorries to the bank
for full-time to convey the South African message.

Müller says there are between seven and twelve companies that owe him hundreds of
thousands of rand.

“I drove cargo for which I was not paid.

“In the hard days when I returned my lorries, I did not have food to eat.”

A farmer from Greylingstad says he borrowed Muller a lot of money. “Then he gave me a
horse that he said was worth R60 000. The horse has fired. “

Müller admits he had borrowed the money, but said the horse was a thoroughbred Arabian.

A businessman, Mr. Basie van Niekerk says Müller owes him R17 000 for a trailer. However,
he decided to write off the money.

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