Shocking sad news: My Boer NAZI Pal died…


Today I was visiting an old lady who is a quiet heroine in SA. Few even know she exists. But she’s done a LOT in her time for her race. She’s even spent a lot of time in the USA. Anyhow, both of us know the man I call my Boer NAZI pal.

Then she mentioned that he had died a few months ago! I just about fell on my back. She had not been to his funeral, and wasn’t 100% sure, but she had received a message that someone with the same name, linked to the HNP (which is the South African version of the NAZI Party), had died.

When I got home I messaged a close friend of my Boer NAZI pal to ask him if it’s true that he had died and whether he had informed me and maybe I had missed the message. He confirmed that indeed 4 months ago the man I call my Boer NAZI pal, had died in his sleep. He told me he had also not gone to his funeral and he’d not notified me.

Sadly, my Boer NAZI pal had a deep hatred of Donald Trump and we clashed often about it. I told him not to go so overboard on Trump. And earlier this year he stopped communicating with me when I had told him that Biden is now in and that now he can stop worrying about Trump. So he was probably annoyed with me. I, in turn was focusing on my legal issues and thought that I would leave him to calm down and would contact him later this year or next year and reestablish contact with him and visit him.

The last thing I expected was that he would DIE. He was worried about COVID and he said the moment a vaccine comes out he will get one. So it doesn’t seem as if he had COVID or died from anything related to it. I’ll get more info. I now have his nephew’s number.

I was amazed that he’d died and two people I know who knew him had not told me. I would have definitely gone to his funeral.

His real name, his first name is Fanie. Fanie was a good man. I’m sorry he’s gone. I’ll find out more.

He was also over 70 so he wasn’t young.

Nevertheless it is sad that he is gone. I learned a lot from that man. I always remember those who taught me.

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