WARNING to White Americans from a White South African…


[One of my readers here in SA posted these comments. His term "pavemunt" is a play on the word "munt" which we used a lot in Rhodesia. A munt is a black. The Jews have set up white Americans for a race war, just as the race of shit have in every western country. Jan]

This is what the White South African wrote:

When the pavemunts get go from 15% to 25% those Americans are gonna kak. Actually if you look at the demographics, the Africans, Asians, etc etc are increasing at about 10-15% in population ever decade, while the whites slip by 5-8% each year.

America is going to have it rough, rough, rough in the end.

I think America will be far worse than Angola. The reason is America has more enemies outside of it which will be glad to see it implode. America never had these problems until the civil rights movements which only happened when Jewish professors were allowed into Universities in the 50s.

Like Yuri Besmenov said it takes 2 generations to see the pumping of garbage into the minds. 1950s allowed in universities, 2 generations = year 2,000 by 2007 you have your first non white president. Once they have tasted power, you will never stop this.

America must simply kick out ALL non-whites/Europeans. Its that simple. Its either kick out or be kicked out in the end. No one can call that statement racist when you have blacks in the US openly calling + speaking about the fact that there needs to be fewer white males.

When whites en-mass wake up to the fact that we are in a race war, then things will happen. Other races know this is a war. They want our possessions. We dont want other races goodies, we simply conquer. They want to conquer us to take our possessions.

This entire situation is also very fishy. It comes off the back of Trump signing in the social media regulation. The entire video footage seemed weird. The police officer involveds neighbors didnt even know he was a policeman.

Something fishy year. Trump has since coming into office said that more African Americans have had work than any other time in history. This entire thing is a complete power play in America, targeting Trump. They cannot have him win the next election.

Dont be surprised if he takes not only control of Social media but ends up taking complete control of the entire media, including outlets like CNN etc etc.

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