S.Africa: Was Aida Parker a Jewish Communist? – Bishop Tutu & the Jews – Helen Zille a Jewish commie


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[Above is the only image of Aida Parker that I can find anywhere. This is not what she looked like when I saw her. She was much older when I visited her at her house.

She told me that when she was young she was a communist.

Her first name, Aida, is not a common/normal name in SA. It is actually an Italian girl’s name meaning “happy”. But there was absolutely nothing in her writings to suggest that she was Italian. I subscribed to her newsletter for years and in my discussions with her she never once mentioned anything that suggested she was actually Italian.

Here is one article from her newsletter where she attacks Bishop Tutu whom I don’t care much for myself.

In this article she notes Tutu’s attitude to the Jews. She is clearly on the side of the Jews (as all white Christians in South Africa were at the time).

I do recall that she seems to have had quite a network outside South Africa and that there were Jewish “conservatives” whom she mentioned. The more I ponder the matter of Aida Parker, the more I think she was a Jewish communist.

Helen Zille who is a modern “Liberal” is herself a Jewish Communist, faking it as a Christian. Aida Parker was apparently a Christian too.

Now Helen and Aida have a similar background as journalists for South African (((Liberal))) newspapers.

I’ll also show you an interesting news article she wrote in the 1960’s just days before Dr Hendrik Verwoerd was assassinated by a communist.

Aida Parker is linked to the final days of white rule in South Africa.

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