S.Africa & Germany update from Jan & general comments

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There’s so much happening that my mind is spinning. The most important issue is that in South Africa there is the most INTENSE PANIC that I’ve ever seen among the Christians in the Right Wing. It is a Siener Van Rensburg, prophecy driven panic of race war. The due date is 21st January 2019. I wrote an article about it below. 

I’m finally out of the latest period of Facebook jail – for how long I don’t know.

Black Monday is on this Monday. There seem to be quite a lot of preparations for it, including a request that whites, en masse, go to Police stations and open a case against Julius Malema. The goal is that each white must open a personal case against Malema. I think this is brilliant. More importantly, there is a message that is to be delivered to the US Embassy in Pretoria for Donald Trump. I’m doing my utmost to get the details so that I can be there for that. I’m delighted that there is a lot of energy going into this. I hope it is a success. Last year was awesome. I’m not sure how this year will turn out to be. I will publish the details on my website.

Alfred Schaefer got a 3 year jail sentence. Monika Schaefer’s jail sentence is shorter and she’s already served it, so thank goodness she is out. I am trying to find out what’s the latest with Sylvia Stolz – because she was due back in jail. I wrote an analysis of the Schaefer trial, and I’ll still publish all the details. The media was quiet about the trial. THERE WAS ALSO DEFINITE INTIMIDATION OF GERMANS AND FOREIGN WHITE SYMPATHISERS FROM ATTENDING THE TRIAL. I THINK THE TRIAL WAS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE GOVT/JEWS. Alfred’s strategy was BRILLIANT. Only one website, a German one, of Alfred’s friend Henry, has carried proper reporting on the trial. I will publish all the details. The english coverage is not detailed enough. THIS WAS A VERY IMPORTANT TRIAL AND IT WAS ALFRED’S STRATEGY TO MAKE IT TAKE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE AND TO PRESENT EVERYTHING INCLUDING ALL HIS VIDEOS. It was genius. He did fantastic work. However, the harrassment and intimidation factor kept Germans and others out of the court room to see the proceedings. WE ARE TOLD WE WHITES ARE FREE BUT WE ARE NOT FREE. THIS IS A FACT EVERYWHERE AND ITS WORSE IN SOME PLACES THAN OTHERS. SADLY FOR THE GERMANS, THEY HAD IT FORCED ON THEM BY THE REST OF US IDIOTS. In Canada, the stupidity is self-imposed by the idiot Anglos there.

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