S.Africa: 5 Blacks in Farm attack: White man’s knees broken with crowbar, White woman stabbed…

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[Here’s the latest farm attack. Photo above is of the couple of were attacked. We whites here are in a WAR, and many whites don’t acknowledge it. According to the liar who is our President, Ramaphosa; Farm attacks and Farm murders are NOT REAL. This has been the ANC’s lying line for 20+ years now. Bunch of dog shit that they are! Below this news item, is more information about the actual attack. Jan]

A farm attack took place in Wellington, Western Cape.The incident was tweeted by Ian Cameron on 6 October 2018. There is not much information available at this stage but it is reported that male victims knees were broken with a crowbar and that a female victim was stabbed in hands and chest.

The five attackers, all of whom were armed locked the victims in safe after attack. The condition of the victims is unknown at this stage.

Several firearms were stolen. The police are investigating.

The incident was tweeted by Ian Cameron of AfriForum

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/western-cape/farm-attack-mans-knees-broken-with-crowbar-woman-stabbed-wellington/

More from Ian Cameron on this:
UPDATE FARM ATTACK: Wellington, Western Cape. 3 children all younger than 10 witnessed the attack as their fathers knees were broken with crowbar and their mother stabbed in hands and chest. Attackers Locked victims in safe after attack. Several firearms stolen. 5 armed suspects.

The full story in Afrikaans is here: https://maroelamedia.co.za/nuus/sa-nuus/wellington-gesin-tydens-braai-op-plaas-oorval/

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