A Young Supporter in Canada writes to me from time to time: About Boys & Girls & about MOTHERHOOD – Jews ruined White Women

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There’s a young guy, a teenager in Canada who writes to me regularly, and he also writes about very private things, the thoughts of a teenager.

I do watch the types of things that a teenager is thinking and then I think about the things that happen to a person when you are a teen. I went through my teen years and you’re undergoing a lot of change. The animal inside you is undergoing a lot of change in a short space of time. It can be quite hectic – but it is natural and it is simply nature at work. A boy turns into a young man in a very short space of time and his body changes fast, and ditto for girls.

Nature actually allows us to already produce children by the age of 16. What I do find concerning is that nowadays, you get young men and women who are in their mid-20s who are still as helpless in real life as a teenager. They can’t fend for themselves, they can’t think for themselves and they need to live with mom and dad.

I hated it when my dad died when I was 17, but life forced me to move forward and to learn responsibility immediately, and when I think back, it was very unpleasant, but it did me good. There are youngsters who, I believe, are living with their parents when they’re close to 30 (so I hear), and I think that’s not healthy. But it is a sign of how sick Jews and Liberalism has made White society. By the time I was 30, I was confident and I made my own decisions and had been working for 12 years. I knew how to handle money and how to make decisions and how to take responsibility for any bad decisions I made.

These days, my focus is on NATURE and what is NATURAL. This is where I differ with Christians who see all sorts of NATURAL things are "sins". So to have a young man thinking about girls and women and being attracted to them – that’s GOOD. That is what he should be thinking of. And the girls in their turn should be thinking of BOYS and that is excellent. All of this is natural.

It is when you start having them thinking about having sex with babies and underage kids – then that’s creepy and weird and Jewish. Or when boys are thinking of having sex with boys, or girls want to be lesbians – THAT’S BAD STUFF. NOW WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM.

It is GOOD that boys are ATTRACTED to girls, and that girls are ATTRACTED to boys. That is HEALTHY and that is where we need to keep it.

When the boys want girls and the girls want boys – that’s perfect. That’s perfect and that’s how it should be. Then we know all is GOOD. Then we know BABIES WILL COME – AND THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL.

There is DAMAGE – long term DAMAGE – that Jews and Capitalism has done to WHITE WOMEN where White women now see it as DEMEANING to want to let a man be the boss, or they see it as demeaning that they are "only" mothers. They think that being a mother is the same as sweeping the floor with a broom. They think it is what a LOW WOMAN does. This is pure crap. And this is a total inversion of reality and of the role of a woman.

In Japan, being a "Wife" is actually seen as a PROFESSION, and I do like that. There is a LOT that we do, that DOES NOT INVOLVE MAKING MONEY – but it is CRITICAL FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE RACE. We need to begin to toss aside the fact that if something is not worth MONEY that it therefore HAS NO VALUE.

That is WRONG. There are MANY critical things – that don’t have a money value, but if we give up on those things, WE WILL DESTROY OURSELVES.

It is VERY IMPORTANT, that boys and girls are attracted to each other and they enjoy each other, and that they grow into happy and healthy men and women who view each other with respect and with love and have a common goal – OUR FUTURE.

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