Rhodesian army: Which units killed the most enemy?


[This is from a discussion with a Rhodesian. Jan]

I saw you mention that 70% of our army was black. How do you arrive at your numbers? I would like to see a breakdown of that. From my assessment, the core of the fighting was done by whites except for Selous Scouts which was 50/50 white/black. But RLI, SAS were whites only units, and they did heavy combat. Also of course it depends on which part of the war, because blacks were brought in a lot after 1976 and the Jew Kissinger, idiot Vorster in SA, etc. It would be nice to chat though, and like I say, the invitation remains open-ended to Rhodesians.

The question remains, which part of the Rhodesian army was the most effective. The Rhodesian Govt at the end, claimed it was the Selous Scouts that killed 70% of the enemy and they were 50/50. But in my discussions with one author who himself wrote some books about his own experiences in the fighting, he told me one day that he thought the Rhodesian airforce actually killed the most. I have much to say about the Rhodesian airforce and its evolution because it was an amazing little machine we had.

My brother had been in the SAS and my brother spent most of the war called up as Territorial. And he was always with whites and preferred it so. My brother told me that his worst experience in the final years of the war was when he was in a stick (5 guys) of which 4 were black. My brother was always the machine-gunner. He preferred being the “Firepower”. My brother told me of a nasty series of incidents when he was with these blacks, which was the closest he came to being killed. He hated the black troops.

@CarolinaCurious My brother told me, of these other black troops and how they went and chatted to other blacks which then allowed those blacks to warn the terrorists that Rhodesian army was there. The terrorists then came in numbers and chased my brother and the black troops up on to a kopje (hill). Then the terrorists proceeded to mortar them. My brother told me he was amazed that they lived. If it wasn’t for all the rocks which they were hiding amongst, he was sure they’d have been killed. He absolutely hated being with the black troops.

But remember, my family is Afrikaans (Boer) from South Africa, and I think we were perhaps more racist than many white Rhodesians. I find that even now. My brother made no bones about the fact that he thought the blacks were pure idiots. In his time when he was in the SAS and the RLI, both of which were pure white, he enjoyed his time. My brother, myself and our family, we definitely had a racist view of the blacks. Maybe other Rhodesians would not dare to say that openly.

However, it had to exist and was a definite undercurrent. I recall my parents talking to their friends and saying Rhodesia must not go the way of Zambia (which had just gone under black rule). And I recall many times when whites came with stories of events in Zambia showing black incompetance.

And then you have Ian Smith himself saying openly that blacks must not rule Rhodesia in 1,000 years. Its out there, one can see it for oneself.

One thing I’ve noticed about Rhodesians especially after the event, is to try to hide our innate, but subtle recognition of the incompetence, stupidity and unreliability of the blacks. And Rhodesians try, time and again, to portray themselves as “better than Apartheid”. But in reality Rhodesia was segregated. Blacks lived in townships. Suburbs had whites in them. I’m not sure if Indians lived among us. I recall mostly whites.

The only time I saw blacks in school was in 1976, after Kissinger. That’s when the whole integration started and then we headed to the disastrous time with Bishop Muzorewa who was a total idiot. Later PW Botha told me what a moron he was. I must put the story in a short video.

Wasn’t interracial marriage also illegal in Rhodesia? I don’t recall mixed race couples.

We might not have called it apartheid, but in practise it was very similar. Furthermore, if we trusted blacks, then why the heck did we rebel against BLACK RULE? The entire rebellion and war was against the notion of “black majority rule”.

I do speak to another Rhodesian, the Colonel from Military Intelligence, and he also argues with me. He sent me an article which I need to publish showing a black in the Rhodesian army who go awards for fighting for our side.

But a major problem Rhodesians must be careful of, is to think that integrating blacks was the answer – because in that sense, we were walking the path of the Roman Empire where you don’t fight for yourself. Others fight for you. That’s very bad.

@CarolinaCurious The Americans right now, are busy with their own disaster in the making of bringing faggots, and all types of non-whites into their military. Its disastrous.

Currently we in South Africa don’t even dare to think in terms of fighting for ourselves. In the end, there are some things that you CANNOT hand over to others.

I think the real problem with Rhodesia, was that we were between 4-5% of the population and we ruled these blacks and we ran a nice economy as a result of it. In a sense this is a return to “slavery” – in a mild way. Whites have done this before with success: Spartas, Romans, Greeks. We have a “cheap work force”. And we in Rhodesia and SA and the rest of southern Africa had this “cheap work force” which gave us a great edge, and edge that even could allow us to take on sophisticated Western countries with technology.

But the problem is, that your car or your tractor does not rebel against you, whereas your black or Indian or coloured can.

I see us as an upper class who ruled another race, almost a military class, like nobles who conquered another race. And this has been done many times by whites. e.g. Aryans conquered India and India was ruled by whites for 600 years.

Our weakness, which the Soviets/Jews/Commies saw, in southern africa was this tiny group of whites, in this extremely rich mineral/farming territory with this massive black labour force and they perceived, (maliciously and correctly), that the weakest link in this chain were the blacks. So they set out to politicise the blacks and turn the blacks against the whites.

The whites were amazingly successful in holding on to power and the black rebellion was not that easy to achieve, and they failed a lot, along with great losses. But in the very end, they succeeded.

Enemies do malicious things. They look for weak points, and the weak point was racial and our low numbers. And that’s all there is to it.

If these blacks are loyal, would the blacks, in 2020, FIGHT FOR A RETURN OF RHODESIA? That is a question I will ask the Colonel as well. I will ask him, if these blacks were so good and reliable, would they fight for a reinstatement of Rhodesia? I don’t think so.

My own view is that the blacks of Africa, the dumbest people on the planet, were losers before the white man came, and they will remain the born losers that they are. Furthermore, neither the Chinese, nor the Jews nor the Liberals will have any greater success than we had. In fact, the “racist white colonials/apartheid” will be the ones who had the greatest success of all. I think 100 years from now, it will be evident that the most glorious time of southern Africa, even with race relations will be the time of Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa.

I, personally, will NEVER play the card that “Rhodesia was better than Apartheid South Africa”. Never. I have studied the South Africans and I think they were just more openly honest. I will also never say that Apartheid was bad or wrong.

@CarolinaCurious I am not afraid of portraying Rhodesia as racist, but even Apartheid South Africa, even Dr Verwoerd, who was himself actually a closet NAZI (and the Jews knew it, which is why they killed him), did not openly play a hostile game with the blacks. He even gave them homelands. He was very eloquent as was Smith. But in their hearts and at dinner tables, I am sure they were all 100% racists.

Liberalism, a Jewish illness, is a whole other discussion. I do understand why Rhodesians, as a tiny group of whites, try to tread lightly, whereas I am like a bull in a china shop.

I have no problem with being called a racist. I’m sick of the labels. They have no meaning to me any more. Racist, NAZI, Apartheid … words that have long since lost any meaning to me as curse words.

So I understand that Rhodesians need to tread lightly. And I am very pleased that you’re running you ReclaimingRhodesia website. Its well overdue.

The sickness in the West that caused the West not to fight, comes from Liberalism. I urge you and the other, whenever you see my do a video or audio and you see the name Quigley in there … PLEASE LISTEN. PLEASE. In there, you’ll find the answer as to why the West is so sick and why the west is so insistent in mixing the races.

The answer may surprise you. I’ll tell you the simple answer. The Liberal Elite, believe that THEY ARE CREATING A NEW CIVILISATION that will be greater than Western Civilisation and that it will allow them to pretty much rule the world. And the mixing of races is a CRITICAL FEATURE in this process. However, you need to understand Quigley in order to understand why this is so.

However, there are many questions and issues regarding this belief that the Elite, especially in the USA have. But for the common white, on the bottom rungs, this is madness … which indeed it is. But Quigley is the driving force.

I also need to mention THE ROUND TABLE organisation.

@CarolinaCurious In Rhodesia, the topic of The Round Table organisation popped up all the time. Everyone heard it. It was normal and nobody thought further about it. But according to Professor Quigley, the Round Table was part of Cecil Rhodes’ secret organisation which went on to have massive influence in the UK and USA. Some of Rhodes’ ideas might actually be driving the USA to this day.

We, the common people, have no idea what is really being said at high levels. And therein lies the problem. The Jew is busy up there all the time. Part of the driving force was the belief that the West was heading for collapse.

These are fascinating topics, and the depth of what really was going on that was way beyond us is itself fascinating and amazing.

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