WARNING: Neon Crusader/Smoloko down … gone… – GoyimTV my loss…


[This is just in from one of my supporters in the USA. This is bad news. I have been in touch with Alicia Frischman. She is always doing good things. She's a determined lady I must tell you. I'll try and get an answer from her. I'm still so sad about GoyimTV. I had a tiny channel there and in a short period of time I had 92 subscribers on it. I enjoyed the little channel. So it sickens me to see all our things being destroyed, and I ask myself what is the next filthy trick these scum will try against me or my websites. THEY CANNOT STAND EVEN A LITTLE BIT OF THE TRUTH I TELL YOU. NOT EVEN TEN WHITES CAN GATHER TOGETHER TO SPEAK THE TRUTH AND THE JEWS WILL BE ALL OVER THEM. THEY'LL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT THAT BIG PACK OF LIES WHICH IS THE HEART OF THEIR NEFARIOUS NONSENSE. Jan]

This is what one of my supporters sent me:

Their website is gone again. Thought you should know. May you find peaceful time to respond, 
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