Having a Jew-Free Cryptocurrency for Whites only …


One of my supporters wrote this to me:Build an application on a block chain mate, like aeternity, free from censorship and cheap, got its own currency and you can receive donations Fuck the yid filth

I responded as follows:

Having our own currency is something Alex Linder and I have discussed. However, it is an enormous task you are asking for. But yes, we have discussed these things and one of my supporters in the USA actually has a crypto currency that we could use. He got it all set up.

But when I spoke to him about setting it up so we can convert between US Dollars and the currency he said that there are legal/financial problems with it. But in principle it excists. I’ve seen it. He has the software and everything set up and he wants to give it out. But the big issue, as I see it, which prevents it being used is that one needs to convert between currencies. You can’t just "trade" in a crypto currency that can’t be converted to other "real (fiat) currencies".

Another pal of mine in SA has been working on another sort of similar concept to set up some kind of crypto bank in conjunction with someone in Canada. But he’s been at it for 3 years and I don’t know if it will fly.

Anything is possible if you have enough support, but keep in mind I am operating on a shoe string budget … a tiny shoe string budget and yet doing a LOT.

Another pal of mine told me, some years ago, the right wing can have our own bank and credit cards if we just put enough money together. He explained how one can do it. He lives in the UK and he said nobody would be able to stop us … if we had enough money.

However, keep in mind, a person also has to live and feed oneself.

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