4 Charts: Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: Charts of how the GDP collapsed from White to Black rule

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[I chuckled at that graphic. Don’t use Zimbabwe dollars or cardboard in the toilet. That’s because of the hyper inflation which came later and people joked that Zimbabwe dollars were cheaper than toilet paper!

I found various GDP charts from different sources which show how the GDP changed over the years. Since they cover different time periods I’m putting them all up below and then I’ll just explain the basic points which will give context. Rhodesia to Zimbabwe … yet another “successful” Jewish Communist experiment! Jan]

Here’s a GDP chart from 1980 when black rule started to 2008. We whites began to leave in big numbers from 1981 onwards. By 1985 two thirds of the whites had left.  After 1985 the population of whites remained the same until 2000 when Mugabe began seizing the land. That’s when the next wave of whites left. The 1980s were relatively OK in Zimbabwe, but Mugabe was already fighting an 11 year war in Mozambique to keep the Frelimo commies there in power. In the 1990s he got involved in the “world war” in Africa in Zaire/Congo. That really broke the country and in the mid 1990s blacks and whites formed the MDC which nearly knocked him out of power. In 2000, when faced with this new power of the MDC he seized the farms. You can see how the GDP went totally downhill.

This is a similar chart, but the percentages for the same years are more extreme. I think that as extreme as some of these numbers appear, the reality may have been EVEN WORSE.

Here is another chart showing the income per person. Zanu PF is the communist party in charge of Zimbabwe. You can see here the damage done which is extreme even by African standards when compared to other African countries in the region.

Here is a chart of the hyper inflation which resulted. Similar to Weimar Germany that the Jews ruined for the Germans!


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