Rhodesia Poisoned black Terrorists on a Big Scale – with S.African help

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[This is what I wrote to a lady in the USA who got me a book I had been keen to see. I did not expect to find what I did. It was really quite mind boggling. South Africa also began poisoning terrorists, especially in Nambia. It is astounding what the whites discovered. I need to put out some of this info. I am pleased to see that we whites did all we could to remain in power. Excellent stuff.

Rhodesia killed at least 1,000 terrorists using poison alone. Jan]

My email to the lady:

Now about that Rhodesian book. I too had been really skeptical about it – until I saw it and began studying it.

Firstly, quite a number of people whom I know/knew personally, who are excellent Rhodesian researchers actually contributed material to that book. I was gob-smacked by what I saw in there.

The guy who gave me the “heads up” to buy the book originally, was the Colonel who headed Military Intelligence in Rhodesia and he is a very fussy fellow. He does not just support things easily. And I even saw his name in there.

It seems to me the only person who really tried to do a hatchet job, was the woman who did analysis and tried to put a twist on what Rhodesia actually did. But otherwise everyone was very straight.

Even the author, whom I thought would be biased, was not.

I have known Special Branch people – and Special Branch, were an elite part of the Police. It is only in recent years that I began to sense that there’s a bigger secret hiding a way, in terms of Special Branch, when a former Special Branch guy told me some stuff.

All of this makes perfect sense. That book is actually much better than I expected.

It is clear that most of those Top Secret documents were destroyed or they are in South Africa. It blew me away.

I can’t thank you enough for getting me that book. What a story.

I will be studying it more closely.

I will now speak to some of the people who are mentioned in the book. I had not been aware of their involvement in the book!

Apart from that woman twisting things, everything is on the level, and I’m amazed and delighted. I am very happy to see that they did indeed try these methods against our enemies.

Take care,

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