Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles (Jews?), Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years

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[The website this was posted on is trying to dig into this much more explosive and enormous story. Pedophiles, almost 100% suggests that JEWS are there in droves working inside the UN and playing Jewish games. This is something to keep your eyes open for. There is definitely something deeper and they no doubt have been sweeping it under the carpet. Jan]

posted on Jan, 16 2020 @ 05:16 PM
Couldn’t find this in a search here and oddly haven’t seen this story until now. I don’t really know the news source well but have found a couple others with same story.

Anyone have any more info on this?


An outright frightening dossier released by a former senior United Nations official reveals that United Nations employees have carried out over 60,000 rapes in just the last decade. What’s more, the dossier estimates that the organization currently employs at least 3,300 pedophiles.

In just ten years, under the guise of rendering aid, the United Nations has literally been raping and pillaging countries across the world. The problem has gotten so out of hand that it prompted the former UN insider, Andrew Macleod, to blow the whistle and hand over the evidence to Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID) Secretary Priti Patel.


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