Reader says: OJ Simpson did not murder his White ex-Wife – I STRONGLY DISAGREE

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A supporter wrote this:

Hi, Jan. Regarding the decades old claim OJ Simpson murdered White Nichole Brown and Jew Ron Goldman are not true according to a BBC documentary

It makes sense that OJ’s drug addicted and violent son known to cops, stiffing people constantly and who worked at the restaurant the two ate the night of the attack, committed this crime. I believe OJ, never exhibiting this level of violence even in his worst moments driven to striking his wife, never showed the unbelievable level of savage violence. But the son was capable of it. OJ’s blood the same type as his son’s?

Well, this documentary is compelling.

I replied:

I can’t buy that. I even bought the book by Mark Fuhrman, the detective who was involved. He explained what he found and what he believed happened. There were things that were not "done by the rules and so it couldn’t be used in the trial. He said you did not need a big knife to do those murders. A bigger size Swiss pocket knife was all you needed. I watched hours and hours of the actual trial and testimony. I recorded it every day and watched huge chunks of the trial. There’s no question OJ was as guilty as sin.



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