Reader: Did the Jews start the Paris riots?

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[One of my readers sent me this note. The Unamed War is a book we will revisit later. It's one of the best things to come out of the UK. It was written by one of the few honest strong White Brits. He was tossed in jail. What the reader wrote below isn't just true for France. Jews mess with EVERYTHING. Jews are creating race tension right in front of our faces. Jews are SNAKES! Jan]

The reader wrote:
The EXCELLENT book, "The Unnamed War" is about how the Jews manipulated Britain into war in WWII. It was written by a man who was a member of parliament in the UK during the war. He was jailed for the duration of the war for trying to expose the Jews. He blamed Jews for stirring up the unions to start strikes when a company tried to stand up to the Jews. Jews are behind communism, and Marxism, and no doubt still have much control over labor unions. I suspect that the Jews are behind the riots in Paris. Macron is probably also a puppet of the Jews. How to start riots? i) get the puppet Macron to do something unpopular, ii) get the unions to go beserk in response. Jews are ALWAYS stirring up shit all over the place. They want gentiles to be in a state of perpetual war and chaos and unrest to keep them disorganized, down, and distracted to other problems, like white genocide.

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