Quick Note: Mason’s classic book Siege – Attempting to save White America – My brief Analysis

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[This is a quick excerpt from a note to an American guy I've known well for about 20 years. He raised the issue of the book Siege. I told him that I had not focused on novels and fiction. e.g Like Dr Pierce's Turner Diaries, etc. I will get to it. But since it was fiction I did not want to delve into it now. But then I made quite an effort and I looked at Siege. And it was an eye opener. Jan]

I wrote:

He wrote a huge amount. I am impressed at how he tried to get things going.

and I can see this with Dr Pierce and with Ben Klassen as well. I see where everyone is getting stuck.

I’m thinking hard because I’m also concerned that we all get STUCK waiting for shit which never happen.

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