Reader: The (Good) Jew Henry Makow defames Hitler & is trying to destroy Whites – My Comments

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[Below is what a Reader wrote to me. I replied to him explaining my view about these so-called "Good Jews". There is, in the final assessment, no such thing. These Jews hate it when we look after ourselves and defend ourselves. They will hate Hitler until the end of time. But Hitler really was only trying to save his own people and turn things around for them. Hitler was intent on setting his people on a PATH TO GREAT SUCCESS. Jews hate him and detest him because he did not grovel like a dog before them. Jews hate him because he had a mind of his own and ABOVE ALL THE INTEGRITY TO NOT FALL FOR JEWISH CORRUPTION AND JEWISH TRICKS. He could match them and exceed them on an intellectual level. They hate him for being the fantastic man that he really was. I was unaware of the extent to which the Jew Makow was lying about Hitler. I did not know he was inventing new stuff. But these demented people are like that. They invent lies. I will make a note to avoid all links to Makow in the future. As it is, I've only published links to his site on rare occasions when I could not find any other source. But since he's so despicable, I'll do my utmost to never publish anything from his site again. Jan]

I replied to the reader as follows:

Thanks for this xxx. I will post this. My understanding is that Makow is a Jew. I try my best to post either very little, and preferably, nothing from the "Good Jews" Makow and Unz.

And I’m watching the rise and rise of the fiend Professor Jordan Peterson the Canadian with his intense hatred of Germans and his insane hatred of Hitler. It makes me think Peterson must be a crypto Jew. I am beginning to think more and more that Jordan Peterson is an actual Jew.
His behaviour is totally Jew-like.

Thanks a ton.

The reader wrote:-
I saw an article on your site by Henry Makow. Be aware that he says
preposterous and hateful things about Hilter, like Hitler murdered his
niece, Hilter was a male prostitute, etc. I don’t believe a word he
says. You posted an article by him on your site. Makow has his own site
where you can read his hateful lies about Hitler. His goal is to destroy
Whites by defaming Hitler, etc. I’m pretty sure Makow is a Jew.

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