Putin’s Slowkrieg versus Hitler’s Blitzkrieg and Napoleon’s Blitzkrieg

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I have been chuckling to myself about Putin’s war in Ukraine. It is going very slowly. If you go and look at what the Germans did in Operation Barbarossa, and what they pulled off in a week, your jaw will hit the floor. Their rate of advance, not to mention the insane numbers of enemy kiled and captured and equipment destroyed. Hitler’s forces destroyed about 1,000 aircraft in about 5 days or so. I’m writing from memory so bear with me if I’m a little wrong.

The Wehrmacht was 3 million men strong, and they had thousands of aircraft and the Russians themselves had millions of men with insane numbers of tanks in the THOUSANDS that they faced. And the Wehrmacht sliced through them like a hot knife through butter.

The Wehrmacht’s fire power and scale of battle just makes this modern war look like child’s play.

The speed of advance … was incredible. And to think we are watching almost 80 years later with technology that Hitler never had.

For the record, Napoleon’s troops may have advanced faster than Hitler’s tanks, though they were drawn by horses and carts!

I think of all the invasions of Russia, the one that went the fastest in terms of advance was Napoleon’s one. I think.

This should show you that even when technology advances, that something else is wrong. In fact, armies are less and less capable of projecting themselves at a distance, unless they are carried there by ships or by aircraft. But that’s another story.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago I was reading from Heinz Guderian’s memoirs, and in there the town of Konotop came up a lot. Well, the current fighting is around the very areas that the Wehrmacht fought in, and they fought against insane levels of resistance.

It just makes the current war look like a joke.

You can’t compare this stuff with WW2.

WW2 was incredible in terms of professionalism, scale, etc.

But luckily for us, not that many of our race will die in this war as died in WW2.

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