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[One of my readers wrote this comment. I like the points made herein. What is written in the Bible versus how it is marketed, are two different things. In this case, the fickleness and hypocrisy of an all-knowing God. Jan]

The reader’s comment:

I have trouble accepting the old testament. First of all would an all-knowing God ever do something he regretted?

Yet in Genesis he regretted creating man so he decided to become a mass exterminist not only with human lice but all the animals of the world.

What did all those animals do to make him get so pissed off about the little babies?

In the book of Numbers chapter 30 after giving the Israelites commandments not to steal, not to covet your neighbor’s property, and not to murder he then sends him into the land of the Midianites todo all of that.

And when he finds out that Moses let some of them live he sent them back to finish the job but this time they were allowed to keep all the young virgin girls.

Half of them going to the soldiers and half of them going to his favorite chosen ones.

Keep in mind back then that they used swords and spears to kill so this would have been a bloody mess.

He also has two bears attack and kill 48 little boys for calling someone names. Yet he himself calls Job a worm.

How about this one? He destroys Sodom and Gomorrah because of the amount of gay people there but his servant Lots gets to run off to the caves with his two daughters where he gets drunk with them and f*cks both of them and gets them pregnant but he is still called a righteous man.

Doesn’t the bible say that if a man commits incest he is to be put to death?

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