1992: Polish Commission removed 3 million deaths from Auschwitz! – No, 6 million Jews were NOT KILLED!

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[A number of people, including myself have wondered how it was that the number of Jews killed as Auschwitz was brought down by almost 3 million. It has been noted by many that the camp sign was changed from 4 million down to about 1 million thereby, in a single move, removing 3 million Jews from the Jewish holocaust lie of 6 million!

While doing some research I stumbled on the many news reports which explain exactly who did it. It turns out the Polish Govt did it! Yes!

Remember Auschwitz and many of these so-called “Death Camps” are NOT IN GERMANY! They are in Poland. So a Polish commission changed those numbers because those claims of 4 million Jews being killed at Auschwitz is of course total hogwash!

But did you notice it did NOT make headlines across the world in the New York Times, BBC and all the other lying scumbag Jewish/Liberal MSM newspapers? The Jews are very selective in what they present to the people of the world. They know when to lie and when to keep their lying mouths shut!

This change took place in 1992 and it seemed that the fall of communism played a big role in this change.

HOWEVER the Jews claim they played a role in bringing the numbers down! They claim that the figures were inflated to contain non-Jews! Very funny because it is the JEWS who constantly claimed the 4 million number! (Yet another example of how the Jews lie and jump around on both sides of an issue).

What I find disturbing is that “Jewish scholars” and the non-Jewish scholars agree. So that shows that JEWISH INFLUENCE is still very much there. Rest assured if it were left totally up to non-Jews the number would not even be 1 million.

You can read what the Chicago Tribune wrote about it this event. As always they’re trying to protect the Jewish lies: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1992-05-07/news/9202100662_1_death-wall-auschwitz-memorials

But take note, as the numbers were reduced the Jews then ensured that the percentage of killed was changed to being almost ALL Jewish! Hahaha. That is the best the Jews could do to keep the lies about NAZI gassing alive! Rest assured in all this discussion of what the figures were before and after, that alone violates the original Jewish claims. So there’s all kinds of dancing around this issue and a pretence that the Jews played a role in getting to this more accurate number. Nonsense!

But don’t worry! The Jews have been keeping their lies alive by adjusting the numbers apparently killed at other locations upwards!! So no matter what happens, the Jews will keep lying about the mythical 6 million! Jan]

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