Please send your letters to help Free Matt Hale; September 18, 2020


Friends and Supporters:

It’s that time again: Letter Friday where we send our letters to President Trump, the U.S. Attorney General and the U.S. Pardon Attorney. If you have never sent a letter to President Trump, the U.S. Pardon Attorney or the U.S. Attorney General yet, please consider doing so at this time. I’ve attached letter templates for you to simply print, sign and mail to their respective recipients to make your job easier. You can also compose letters of your own and mail them in, should you prefer to do so.

I really appreciate those of you who have sent letters. We have to keep it up. Our hope is that President Trump will be made aware of the rank injustice that Matt has suffered and that he will take action to have Matt freed.

-Branden Hall
Friend and Supporter of Matthew F. Hale


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