Photo: Jew coming to SA? – WALMART in South Africa: aka: Mass Mart, Game, etc: Big problems: America Heavy Hitter Mitch Slape (Jew?) being sent in to fix it

[The other day I was in Game, one of the stores owned by Walmart SA. Walmart in SA does NOT look like Walmart in the USA. It is completely unrecognisable. The blacks did not want to proper Walmart model that works there, for here. For example, they have many more employees here than in the USA. I was in Game looking for a product and I saw how lame they were yet again. Very pathetic, so I just walked out of the story for nothing. The Americans are sending in a guy called "Mitch Slape". That surname is weird and I've never heard it before. Is this a normal American surname or is there a Jew behind this? From what little of his bio I could see, I think this is a genuine white guy. But I'm just checking. It seems the South African CEO just resigned immediately without giving a reason. So I think there's a huge crisis. Jan]

This is why Walmart is sending an American heavy hitter to fix Makro and Game

MItch Slape, the new CEO of Massmart. Photo: WalmaMitch Slape, the new CEO of Massmart. Photo: Walmart

  • Walmart is sending a senior executive to head its South African business, Massmart.
  • Mitch Slape has extensive experience in markets as diverse as Japan, Mexico and India.
  • On Thursday morning, Massmart’s share price plummeted 10% after the company warned that its profits would halve.
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