Photo: ANGRY WHITES: Neo-Nazis trying to recruit military service-members to assassinate elected officials: report

[All these Leftists, Traitors and Jews have been talking and mocking "the angry White man" in America for years. THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT ANGER IS! However, by screwing Trump over, they may well have opened a door that they should rather have kept shut! Stick around. You're going to see Whites (not just in America), growing angrier and angrier. REAL ANGER IS STILL COMING. This is just the beginning. These NAZIS in the photo below are in Phoenix, AZ. I was not aware of them. I'm impressed. Jan]

Neo-Nazis feel inspired by last week’s Trump-incited riot at the United States Capitol building and they’re looking to recruit members of the military to help them assassinate elected officials, according to a new report.

Vice News reports that messages sent over top neo-Nazi Telegram channels show white nationalists urging current members of the military to join them in operations that include murdering politicians at their homes.

"Strike the iron while it’s hot," one Telegram post read. "The rats have addresses… You know of some in your area. Do your bit. It will snowball."

Another message encouraged Nazis to target state capitols for acts of violence.

"Do not meet up with ‘internet friends’ for this," said one post. "Gather your local trusted militia and do what you must to save this country and our people from their hellish claws that clamp down on the souls of us all."

The Nazis are also making appeals to members of the National Guard to join their cause and assassinate President-elect Joe Biden while they’re on duty at the inauguration ceremony.

"The calls for service members to join the ranks of far-right terrorists come after several current and former servicemen were identified as participants in the violent invasion of Congress last week that killed five people, including a police officer who was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher," notes Vice News.


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