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Canadian Association for Free Expression
Dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity. This is a very important website and organisation in Canada run by Paul Fromm, whom I know personally. He used to work with the late great Ernst Zundel when the Jews tried to destroy him. Paul Fromm does an incredible amount of work and he‘s the most rock solid fighter for White Freedom and Truth in Canada.

Just a warning. There are new hacking attempts going on, on my website HistoryReviewed.

The previous hacker and blackmailer was in New Delhi in India. The latest attempts to break in are coming from France. The hackers are trying to break into the site.

So just be aware that my sites could go down again, if they get through.

I will be trying to do what I can.

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Video: Jewish Mind Games & Henry Kissinger
This is an analysis of Jews at work and their bold bullshit. I specifically discuss the Jew Henry Kissinger.

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