One thing Trump has done for better or for worse…

[This is a comment from one of my video viewers. Jan]

The thing with Donald Trump, for better or worse, is that he exposed how rotten to the core not just the political machine of the USA, but how incredibly outdated the founding governmental structure of the USA is as a whole. One interview back then with Rex Tillerson, his former Secretary of State, was that he had to constantly tell Trump that what he’s suggesting can’t be done in a snap because this law and that law does not allow it, how it’s unconstitutional because of this or that ruling, or how this needs to go through this governmental organizaion and that organization before it could be actually put into practice. Right now his main method to work things out seems to be going through bribes and relying on the Supreme Court to stand beside him, but even that process takes months to follow through. I’ll say that if he really wants to make a change in the USA for the better he should at the very, very least create an apparatus that could shuttle some priority decrees straight to the Supreme Court and not having to go through a dozen or so alphabet organizations. The US government/political system and the values it’s founded upon is a squeaky, barely moveable mill with too many rusted cogs attatched to its apparatus. It’s inefficient to its very core in the current day and only provides shelter for rodents, snakes, and other assorted attic animals to live in. At best the guy operating it could fix it in the way so that it could somewhat run again but the best choice is to just take it out for a much better and advanced machine.

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